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Bubble Soccer


Bubble Socccer is the perfect activity to have at the start of an all day sports themed hens night party, especially for a sporty group of girls that are highly competitve and dont mind a sweat.


Bubble soccer is fun, safe and will engage the whole group with laughs and humour with priceless moment, photos and videos.


We use Corporate Bubble Soccer ( as our go to bubble soccer company who have great staff and are very reliable.





 Treasure Hunt


A Treasure Hunt is a journey the participant will go on to find the hidden treasure (linked to your specified event) by following a list of specific clues that will lead teams to the end point.


Participants will be faced with twists and turns while they follow a set of directions to discovers hints and clues to where the hidden treasure is in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.


Our affiliated Treasure Hunt providers are located in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and the Peninsula. 






Scavenger Hunt


A Scavenger Hunt is a game played outdoors where a list of items is created by the organisers for participants to find and collect by traveling on foot or by public transport around the City of Melbourne.


The activity involves speaking to strangers, collating items on the list and taking photos of certain areas and objects.


There are reward and punishment systems in place in order to reward teams who excel in locating items and following game rules and punish teams that breach and break game rules.


We use several Scavenger Hunt organisations that are located in the Melbourne CBD, St Kilda, Peninsula and Geelong. 


The Scavenger Hunt is ideal for hens parties that plan to have day time activities and are not restricted by location and time.






 The Vault


The Vault is an indoor team activity where participants aim to steal a prized artifect or a related object to their event from the vault.


The activity involves players to progress from one section of the building to the next, getting closer and closer to the vault.


In their way are motion sesnors, triggers and alarms thar are aimed to stop them in their tracks, which the particpants need to avoid setting off to stay in the game.


Our The Vault partners have different locations around Melbourne and regional Victoria including CBD, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and The Peninsula.


The activity will fit with hens parties that have limited time, want to keep activities indoor and centrally located and those that have small to medium group sizes.







 Escape Room


Escape Room is an indoor team activity where participants are given a certain amount of time to escape the room they're in by finding clue and using these hints to find ways of escaping.


Participants are in a battle against time to free themselves otherwise they will all be stuck in the room forever.


These escape rooms are located in the CBD of Melbourne with 3 close by locations.


It is the perfect hens party activity for small groups of 15-20 girls, the event is centrally located and have limited time due to other activities planned on the night. 





Prison Break


Prison break is an team activity where participants work together to achieve the ultimate break out of prison.


The group will be split into two teams, the guards and the prisoners with full costumes and props to make it a real and fun environment.


The prisoners will go through fun, mental, strategic and tactical challenged to achieve the main goal while the guards will go through the same tasks to keep them in.


This activity is apparopriate for hens groups that are willing travel outside of Melbourne, are not time bound and have a large group of 25-35 girls.





 Ice Skating


Cheeky Melbourne Strippers can organise an amazing ice skating experience for your hens party by booking the entire ice rink or making a group booking for a shared ice rink with basic level activities.


The two ice rinks we use are located in Oakleigh and Docklands that can cater specific requests as music choice, lighting, gift packs and special attention for the hen.


Ice skating is an activity suited for hens groups that are typically sporty and share the love and passion for winter sports.





Roller Skating


We can organise group bookings at roller skating venues around Melbourne and regional Victoria on your behalf.


The roller skating venues we use include a disco theme with pumping 80's and 90's music, disco lights and old school roller skates to ensure a fun and engaging experience.


Roller skating is perfect for hens groups that are flexible with time where they can participate during the day, in the evening or at night. Generally, it also suits small, medium or large groups and those who don't mind getting a bit of exercise.  





 Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is a fantastic activity for a hens night for girls that are sporty, love to exercise and are very competitive. If you are planning a big night, then rock climbing should be done early in the day.


We use 3 different rock climbing locations are Melbourne CBD, hence an ideal addition to hens party activities for groups that are staying the night or the weekend in the city of Melbourne.




Beach Olympics


Beach Olympics is an ideal activity for hens nights that want to spend part of the day at the beach, especially if the weather is hot. So get ready to bring your swim suits and towels to the party.


We hold these activities in Port Melbourne, Middle Park, Stkilda and Brighton beaches in Melbourne. Some of the beach activities include: beach bubble soccer, beach volleyball, beach cricket and beach sand sculpting.