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What It Takes To Become

A Cheeky Melbourne Stripper


Good Looks


As a male stripper and topless waiter, its important to give girls aesthetic pleasure when hosting, waitering and stripping.


Taking care of yourself goes along way to achieving this goal by having good teeth, nice hair, no body hair and being well dressed.


Great Body


Our male strippers and topless waiter must be in peak physical form by having six packs, big pecs and biceps when working at hens nights, birthday parties and boat cruises.


Our expectation is that you keep fit by going to gym, running, playing sport and essnetially living a healthy and active lifestyle. 


Cheeky Personality


Charisma, charisma, charisma. As a topless waiter and stripper, you have to have presence in a room full of women. The hens night and birthday party organisers pay big bucks to have the topless waiters and strippers engage and excite the whole group.


Hence, having good looks and a great body isn't enough to be part of our team. You must be able to hold a conversation, be witty, cheeky, fun, and have a larger than life personality.



Emotional Intelligence


As a great topless waiter and stripper, you have to be good at analyzing and judging different situations, moods and atmopshere. You must have the capacity to be aware of different states of emotions and handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.


Every hens night and birthday party event is unique and different with different cultures, mentality, energy and vibe. You as the male entertainment need to asses the situation and provide a service or performance accordingly. 



If you think you have the above mentioned qualities, you can call, text or email us. Make sure you include photos of your face and upper body, what you do and what you expect from the job.


You can call us on 0421711641 or email us at