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Our cocktail packages include all ingredients required to make all the well known drinks and cocktails + hunky topless barman and waiters.


We will provide you with a list of drinks and cocktails for you to choose from. So just tell the guys what you want and he will deliver a sumptuous quickly made cocktail....YUMMY!



Our delicious and fancy cocktail packages start from $20 per head, however the price might be more depending on the size of the hens night group.


The $20 per head cocktail packages include your basic branded beverages in beer, wine, champagne and other liquor. The more premium brands in beer, wine, champagne and liquor start from $30 per head. 




The duration of cocktail making and serving to the guests of the hens party range from 1 hour to 4 hours.


1 - 2 hour bookings are ideal for small groups of 15 - 20 girls and 3 - 4 hour bookings are ideal for large groups of 25 - 40 girls.





Some of the more popular drinks and cocktails on the menu include: Pina Coladas, Fruit Tingles, Cosmopolitans and Mojitos.


No cocktail is off limits so let us know what drinks you would like included and we will make sure to include the right ingredients.