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Thinking about celebrating a hens night or a birthday party on Melbourne water on boats and yachts that allow male strippers and topless waiters?


Look no further as we can organise a boat cruise on your behalf that caters for all sizes, ocassions and male entertainment.


We use different boat cruise companies that sail around the Yarra and Docklands with different types and styles of boats and yachts to cater for male stripping shows, lap dancing and topless waitering services.




Looking at taking your hens night or birthday party celebrations on the road and have the room and space for male strippers and topless waiters to perform?


We can arrange large party buses for medium to large groups and Luxury/Hummer Limousines anywhere in Melbourne. 


We are aligned with the best and most reliable Limousine providers in Melbourne who don't have restrictive rules such as banning male strippers and topless waiter from performing and servicing your group.




If you are after a popular and classy venue to host your next hens night or birthday party, we have the right place for you with a wide range of options in and around Melbourne CBD and surrounding inner suburbs.


We can book private function rooms, booths and tables on your behalf at some of Melbourne's premier bars and clubs. 


We ensure our venue partners are hens night and birthday party friendly where you are able to hire and invite male strippers and topless waiters to your private area and provide the best male entertainment in Melbourne.




Looking for something fun and engaging to do with the girls as a group before or after our male strippers and topless waiters entertain you at a hens night or birthday party?


Belly Dancing is a great activity as it would be a new experience for most of the girls and will help generate an elecrtic party atmosphere with plenty of laughs and giggles.


Let the belly dancing expert take you through the essential skills that you can show off on our topless waiters or male stripper or later in the night on the dance floor or for your partner in your very own bedroom.




Imagine when you see a hot guy and you can't help but stare at his good looks or where you can't get enough of our sexy nude male strippers and topless waiters at a hens party or birthday event?


With life drawing, you can glue your eyes onto one of our hot and sexy life models for a full hour or extend the time that may include waitering and drinking games if requested.


We will provide all necessary tools such as pencils and pads for you to turn your stare into an art master piece.




Ever wanted to try and combine a sport activity that made you feel sexy, sassy and confident after watching our sexy male strippers and topless waiters perform and serve for you at a hens night or birthday party?


Pole dancing is the perfect choice guaranteed to make you and girls feeling hot, fit and alive with our experienced and lovely pole dancing instructors.


Enjoy the laughs, develop new skills and have the whole group buzzing about their experience with pole dancing.





Looking to do something crazy, outrageous and different at your next hens party of birthday celebrations? Why not have a sex toy party!

Our sex toy party hosts will educate the girls on all things sex such as romance, toys, relationships and lingerie that can be tried & bought. It is also a great combination with hiring our hunky male strippers and topless waiters.


Have the event faciliated at the location of your party and let the good times roll with plenty of thrills and excitement. 




Choosing, purchasing, collecting and/or delivering liquor to a hens party or a friends birthday party can be a real annoyance, time consuming and a frustrating experiemce.


We can make your life easier by letting us organise a mobile cockatail provider who will come with all the required drinks to any location in Melbourne and regional Victoria.


Not only will they have all the drinks, but will also make any cocktail and beverage you desire so you can conentrate on our sexy male strippers and topless waiters. 




Every woman at a hens night or birthday party deserves to feel great in body, spirit and mind especially after a intense session of rubbing, groping and grabbing our delicious male strippers.


Let us do the work in arranging a pampering service that will manicure, pedicure and massage your group, leaving the girls feeling awesome. 


Have a choice of full body or neck and shoulder massage + a medicure or pedicure or both before or after watching our male dancers and topless hosts do what they do best. It's really the best hens night experience ever.




Organising an all day hens party or birthday party and looking for fun and engaging indoor or outdoor activities to go with our male strippers and topless waiters entertainment?


We have that covered with some awesome group activities that are bound to leave the girls engaged and talking about it for the rest of the day.


Some of the activities you can choose from include: Bubble Soccer, Treasure Hunt, Escape Room, The Vault and many others that will challenge, captivate, excite and bring joy to your day.




Got too many things on your plate to organise such as male entertainment including male strippers and topless waiters and fancy and eloquent hens party invitations?


Not to worry as we have a fabulous downloadable hens night invitation template from our hens party invitation page that is free and easily accessible and will match your theme for the night.




Needing catering ideas on how to best feed a hens or birthday party group of hungry girls with different tastes and likes after getting a taste of our hot male strippers and topless waiters?


Problem solved with our wide variety of caterers who can provide low end to high end food that can match all budgets and ocassions.




The Hottest Male Strippers in Melbourne


Whether you're organising a hens night or your special friend's birthday party or just having a crazy girl's night out in Melbourne, we have the best male dancers available to make your night one to remember. No matter where you are in Melbourne or regional Victoria, we will come to you.


Not only are our hot male strippers cheeky, fun, gorgeous and entertaining, they can be your next FBI Cop, Fireman, Navy Officer, Soldier or Cowboy entertainer.


Our Melbourne Male Strippers are the most electrifying performers as they are: acrobatic, hip hop, popping and locking styled dancers that will have you blushing, amazed and excited, all at the same time. 

The Hottest Topless Waiters in Melbourne


Our hunky and awesome male topless waiters will pamper and spoil you and your special guests with five star service. From neck and shoulder massages to making cocktails and drinks, you have our permission to use and abuse Melbourne’s hottest topless waiters.


Let our delicious men take photos for you, bring your drinks and keep the party going with cheeky games and activities, while providing plenty of eye-candy. 


There is no task too small or too great for our sumptuous hosts, so don't be shy, just ask and we will get it done! As we say in Cheekyland, use and abuse while you have us. 





Indoor Activities

The Vault

Escape Room

Prison Break

Ice Skating 

Roller Skating

Rock Climbing

Panic Room

Outdoor Activities

Treasure Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

The Ransom

Bubble Soccer

Human Foosball

Beach Olympics



What Is A Cheeky Melbourne Stripper?


A cheeky melbourne male stripper is a performer who has Cristiano Ronaldo's rock hard abs, Zac Efron's chiseled looks, George Clooney's intelligence and Harvey Spectres witty personality. 


Be assured that our male strippers will provide a jaw dropping choreographed routine in your home, rented apartment, hotel room or at our male strip club which is located at Billboards on 170 Russell St, Melbourne.


Turn your wildest fantasies and secret desires into reality as our cheeky male strippers dance, lap dance, striptease and provide a raunchy yet tasteful and respectful male strip show.

What Is A Cheeky Topless Waiter?


A cheeky topless waiter is a host with the most. He has the looks, the body and the personality to match where he will have you in stitches with his outrageous personality, down to earth charisma and intellect.


Be warned though, you may not want him to leave as he will have the hens party or the birthday party rocking with awesome games such as 'Never Have I ever', 'Stick The Junk On The Hunk' and lap dance competitions.


Rest assured, our topless waiters will cook, clean, make drinks and entertain to make your special event the best ever. Nothing is below our male topless waiters so don't hesitate to ask.





Cheeky Melbourne Male Strippers is your one stop shop for hen's night and birthday party packages and ideas. We have everything you want in a hen's night; hot and sexy male strippers, cheeky and hunky topless waiters, drinks and cocktail menu's, low to high end catering and of course stylish transportation to get you girls around in Melbourne.


Need accomodation organised? We can book hotels and apartments on your behalf to match your budget and location needs. Nothing is beyond us as we want to make your experience in organising a hen's night or birthday party stress free.


Organising a hens party or birthday party outside of Melbourne? We can come to you whereever you are in Victoria. We travel to Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Rye and other coastal and regional areas.





We have the hottest male strippers and the hunkiest topless waiters in Melbourne. Not only do they dance like Magic Mike, they are cheeky, fun and full of positive energy that will get your most reserved guest into party mode. Feel the love, the passion and the excitement.


There's never a dull moment with our boys as they will attend your every need, treat you and your guests like royalty and host games and activities that will engage the whole group. There will be endless laughs, giggles and enjoyment. 





Our hot and sexy topless waiters will not only make and serve delicious drinks, they can even show your group how to make awesome alcholic and non alcholic cocktails. These skills might come in handy when get home and make a delicious drink for your man.


Our topless hosts can run tutorials in your kitchen with all the equipment and ingredients provided, leaving you and your guests with amazing bar skills. Following the tutorials, the girls can have a cocktail making competition, judged by the topless waiter.





We can organise affordable food such as basic finger food and appetizers to high quality meals such as gourmet foods and snacks to suit your hens night and birthday party budget.


Leave the work to us so you have more time for other more important matters. We can provide menu's, ingreditients and other information to make your choice easier. Our topless waiters can even have the food cooked and prepared for you





We can not allow groups of girls on a hens night or birthday party to get around Melbourne in dirty cabs and unreliable Ubers to your party destinations.


Let us organise the most glamarous and luxurious transportation such as stretched limousines or the big Hummer Limousine that will make you girls travel through Melbourne like the rock stars you are!




Briefs Strip:

A briefs male strip show is a modest performance that has no nudity whereby the male stripper will leave his briefs on but still includes an inclusive oil rub down. 


This type of strip show is perfect for a hens night or birhday party that may have conservative guests or a Nanna who might pass out from shock, or a Hen who is too embarrased to see another mans sex organ.


Full Monty Strip:

The full monty strip show is where the male stripper takes everything off and we mean everything - no briefs, no g-string and no towel - completely naked!


This type of strip show is perfect for a rowdy hens night or birthday party. 







Raunchy Strip:

A raunchy male strip show is not for the faint hearted. It involves nudity and strawberries & cream where all the guests have the opportunity to eat strawberries and lick whip cream off the strippers body.


This type of strip show is perfect for those occassions where you just want to let your hair down and have some mischief.



Funny Strip:

Funny strips is where you can hire nerdy, midget, or fat male strippers to stitch up a mate, a colleague or a loved one.


It's the perfect type of strip show if you really want to embarass someone or just have a massive laugh with your girlfrends.





Our Melbourne Location







We have a special arrangement with an organisation that can plan your dream honeymoon in Bali as they specialise in offering the best Bali packages and will beat any competitors price and experience.


Please click on the headline to view options and packages and deals on offer in depth.



Cheeky Melbourne Strippers are very proud to offer your hens group and birthday party group the best male topless waiters in Melbourne to regional areas of Victoria such as: Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Rye.


We hope to make your life easier when it comes to organising hens nights by having the guys come to you.





We are proud to be a part of many charity fundraisers so send us an email and let us know how we can possibly help with your cause.


Please click at the top on the charity fundraisers headline to see what we can offer to your organisation. You may find something that fits in with your charity event.




Our terms and conditions are fair and reasonable and we will try to accommodate any changes to hens night and birthday party bookings.


Please click on the Ts and Cs headline to view in depth what we can offer if plans change or you need to cancel your event or want a refund.  




Got a friends or relatives wedding to go to or an end of year work function to attend or just want some amazing and interesting and non sexual male company for dinner at a fancy restaurant when you are single and have no date as you are time poor?


Our Cheeky Melbourne Men can be the solution to your dilemna. Our boys are fabulous communicators, interesting and are driven by chivalry and respect. Please note that any sexual acts are not permitted because it's not part of our service we provide and therefore is illegal. 




Cheeky Melbourne Strippers is truly Melbourne's number one hens night destination with a vast amount of options of male strippers, topless waiters, hens night activities and games, tours, food and drink packages, luxury transportation and lavish bar and night club venues.


Event if you're not celebrating a hens night or a friends birthday party, you can still find a great excuse to hire male entertainment by having a wild girls night in Melbourne. There is no reason to have a boring weekends with your girlfriends.






To find out more information on our upcoming male review stage show at Billboards on 170 Russell St, Melbourne, starting on Saturday February 3, please click the link above. You do not want to miss out on the best male stage show in Melbourne.


We will provide further details on the dancers, times, duration, strippers, deals and packages and what to expect from the most exciting and sexy stage show.




By clicking on the link above, you will find all the answers to your questions about our male stage show review, private home visits, queries on strippers, topless waiters and packages.


We hope our FAQ section will provide all the answers to your questions and help speed up your planning hours and organisations. If you still feel like some of your questions haven't been answered feel free to email or call us.




The cheeky gallery link above will take you our world with albums and photos and videos of our stage shows at Billboards and private home visits.


The illustrations will give you a little taste of what to expect if you ever bring you hens group or birthday party to our stage show male review or ever hire our guys to come to your lounge room.



If you think you have what it takes to become a dancer, stripper, performer, topless waiter, or MC host, click the link above and apply to become a part of this great team.


The link includes expectations regarding behaviour, physique, looks, social smarts and other crucial characteristics in order to be selected to be a party of the Cheeky family.





Click on the title above to see what services we can offer your group when you decide that all you girls want to do is stay home, drink wine and champagne and have some amazing in-house male entertainment.




"Stephanie J (Melbourne CBD) - We had the most amazing time with Sebastian on Saturday night. He was punctual, funny and made Joanne's (the hen) night with his amazing acrobatic performance and the fact he stayed back and had a drink with us. Thank you so much!!"



Steph J


"Kate M (Portsea) - OMG!! Maverick was just amazing. We loved his Top Gun routine. Sent chills down our backs"



Kate M 


"Melanie S (Geelong) - We wanted a delicious black guy as our male stripper and you guys delivered. He was hot with such a sexy American accent. Thank you again!"



Melanie S



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